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With one click you can alert thousands of students immediately
In case of an emergency, contacting students on every mode of communication ensures they receive the alert - whether they're in front of a computer or not.

Because students have the tendency to change their mobile numbers, IM screen names, and email addresses from time to time, AttentionSchool makes it easy for them to update their contact info at anytime by going to the school's Online Sign Up page (where they initially entered all their contact info).
Since contact info will be kept up-to-date, AttentionSchool can be used for any mass communication purpose.

Use it on a regular basis for:
Student body announcements
School event notifications
Location changes
Game result announcements

AttentionSchool is not just for emergencies and can be effective for regular school communication.

You can create an account, setup your school's Online Sign Up page and Mobile Keyword, and start sending alerts via mobile text, IM, and email in minutes. We're even offering a FREE TRIAL period at no charge to you so you can see for yourself how effective our system is.
Online Sign Up
Automatically collect students'mobile phone numbers, instant message screen names, and email addresses using an easy-to-setup online form. Students can easily update their contact information at anytime so you don't have to. Click here to learn more.
Mobile Keyword
Create your school's own mobile keyword (e.g. your SchoolName). Students can text it to start receiving important school alerts on their phones. Students have seen the same mobile technology on MTV and American Idol, so they're already very familiar with it. Click here to learn more.

Contact Trumpia for a live demo!
Contact us for a live demo and to learn more about our very affordable pricing plans and we'll get back to you the same day. We can custom fit any plan to fit your school's needs, whether you're an elementary school, junior/senior high school, or college university.
Click here to contact us or call 1-888-ALL-IN-11(1-888-255-4611) for a live operator or 1-888-300-3002 (message center).

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